Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Weekly Update........

Good Sunny Sunday Morning~~

I keep waiting for life to slow down a little so that i can blog more, but that never seems to happen. I just have to train myself to just DO IT!! Anyways, here is a wrap up of my week~

Went to the ETM crop last Saturday. I just love those! It is so fun to get away and scrapbook with friends. The projects were sooooo cute!! I was able to teach a class based on one of the sketches in my book. It was fun to "plug" my book a little. Speaking of my book, things are coming along. Long story short, I have an independent graphic designer putting my book together. She is sooo excited about the book, she is a scrapbooker, and she has some great ideas. I talked to her last night and she has the first 25 pages done!! I cannot wait to see how it is turning out. So far, we are still on track for release at the ETM Expo in June. ( Keep your fingers crossed!

Worked Monday, taught first aid to the scouts Tuesday, worked Wednesday, ran errands and cleaned house Thursday, worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Whew! I have tomorrow and Tuesday off~(Well, I have work meetings both days and get to go on a field trip to the fire station with my son's first grade class). See what I mean~ it never slows down.

Yesterday was my nieces birthday.
Happy Birthday Caylie!
She turned 8 years old. She lives in Seattle, but is coming to visit in a few weeks. Cannot wait to see them.

I have to say that even as busy as life is, my kids will do something that makes time stop. For just that second, life is perfect. Example~

Last night Jaxson got sick and threw up. After a bath, I rocked him on the couch. He says to me "Have Dalton come to me.". I have Dalton come over to him and give him a hug. Here is their conversation...

Jaxson: "Dalton, I am sick. Do I have a fever?"

Dalton: "Let me feel." . (Placing his hand on Jaxson's head) "Yup. You feel hot, you have a fever."

Jaxson: "Oh. I feel a little hot and a little cold. What should i do?"

Dalton: " I will lie by you and take care of you."

About every 5 minuted, Jaxson would groan and Dalton would snug a little closer to his brother. They were so cute! I just love it when they are best friends.

Then, this morning when i got out of the shower, Dalton had got up and fixed Jaxson breakfast. What great boys I have!!

Well, on that note, have a great week. Take time to scrapbook!


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Lori Jolley said...

What sweet boys!
Oh I am so excited about your book! Can't wait!