Friday, April 27, 2007


Just wanted to send out a HUGE Happy Birthday wish to DALTON!! He is 7 years old!
I cannot believe how big he is getting. We all survived the party. The kids played a few games outside, we had pizza, and then opened presents in record time!
Dalton is having a sleep over tonight with his friend, Jacob. Should be fun!!

It is hard for me when my kids have a birthday and they get sooo many gifts. I feel really "worldly". My kids are a little on the spoiled side, but they have good manners. (Most of the time) I try to get them to slow down and enjoy each gift before going on to the next. I was so happy this morning when we gave Dalton his big gift (the transformer he has ALWAYS wanted), and when my 4 year old, Jaxson, saw the present he ran over to me, threw his arms around my neck and said "Mom, thank you for getting my brother such a great present.". It is those small moments in life that make smile on the inside.

We picked up Dalton from school for lunch. He was so excited! Next, the sleepover.

I am cleaning out my scrapbook room from my hibernation while i was doing my book. I tool a bunch of stuff to the Scrap Coop for their garage sale. It was nice to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Amanda is coming over tonight. Both of our husbands are oot going to a fishing tournament. We are going to do a little scrapbooking and watch a movie. GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

Tomorrow is the ETM crop. So excited! Gotta get packed to go.

Going to go sit outside with Jax for a while.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tag you are it.....

Okay, I tag Wendy, Amanda, and Ardith.

Gettin' to know Me~

A few of us blogger-gals have been tagging each other so that we can learn more about each other. Here are my secret tidbits~~

  • I am left handed. People that i have know for years never have noticed until i am writing something down right in front of them.
  • I was born in Virginia. It just so happened that is where my parents were stationed in the military at the time. Moved to Idaho at age 1 and been here ever since.
  • I don't like fresh eggs. You know, you have the chickens in the coops and you pick them fresh in the morning. YUCK!! I am not a real "egg" person anyways, but none of those fresh ones for me....what if you crack it open and there is a baby chick inside?!?! I am sure that the eggs are x-rayed before getting on to the shelves.
  • I love to have my feet rubbed. That is the most relaxing thing!!
  • I love diet vanilla pepsi. Many of you have seen me carry around my Bubba Keg.
  • I am a scrap-aholic. I know that may be a surprised to many of you!!

Well, that's it for today... Have a good Thursday!


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Love that Sunshine!!

Boy, do I love that sunshine!! We did some yard work this weekend and it felt so good to be outside in the fresh air! My kids are sooo loving it! I hope it continues for the weekend.

I have been busy getting ready for Dalton's birthday on friday. We are having a party at our house on thursday night. It will be all Star Wars themed. He is so excited he can hardly stand it! This will be the first birthday party we have had at out house. Wish us luck, and hope that all 4 walls are still standing after 10 seven year olds have a party!

Tracey went fishing this past weekend. He has two tournaments this upcoming weekend. I hope the weather is good and he has a good time. I hope to go see him on Sunday.

I have the ETM crop on Saturday! I am really jazzed about that. I have my class together. I am teaching a really cute layout. Let me tell you, the projects for this crop are AWESOME! You will not be disappointed. Hope to go to Olive Garden for lunch!

Taught first aid to the boy scouts last night. It was a blast. Those kids were so much fun. I have to review things with them next week as well.

No word on my book yet. Getting anxious. The gal at the printer said that things were going well. Stay tuned.......Look over my blog because i will have questions about my book at the ETM crop. I am giving away some cool prizes!!!!!

Hope your mid week is going good.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mid-week Wednesday

Okay ladies...I took my book to the printer yesterday!!!! YIPPEE!!! They have to put it all together and print me a proof copy. That should be done in the next week or so. The final product is planned for release in June!! This has been a real fun (difficult, trying, learning, exciting....)experience for me. I hope it turns out on paper as well as i have it in my mind!! Cannot wait for the proof copy!!

It has been a nice break to not have to worry about my book. My poor neglected family was glad to have movie night last night. They have been so understanding about the whole idea.

Tried to get caught up on housework a little. Major cleaning to be done this weekend. In the meantime, just hangin out!!

My heart goes out to the families of the students at Virginia Tech. It seems like you used to be able to send your kids to school and church and you knew they were safe. Not anymore! I have to be to work before my son goes to the bus stop, but on my days off I still get teary when i see him heading out the door and down the street to catch the bus. It is such a big, scary world for such a sweet innocent little boy. (I know i better get over it......Dalton is only in the first grade!) You hope that someone greater than our self is watching over our little ones.

Extra hugs for my babies tonight~~

Take care!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Where did the week go?

Well, another week has come and gone. Where does the time go?

I worked a lot this week at the hospital. I am a cardiac nurse. I work in Cardiac Rehab. I work with all cardiac patients, but mainly ones that have had open heart surgery or a heart attack. We do education with them and their families and we also walk them in the halls. We also have exercise classes for patients so that they can be monitored while they work out. It is such a rewarding job!! We have "dress-up" Friday's. Last Friday we were gypsies. It was so fun! We had a nurse come and read the patients fortunes. She was so great! She was dressed up in her belly dance garb and totally played the part of a fortune teller. It really helps the patients to have a little humor in their classes. The next Friday theme is Safari. Brainstorming on my costume. Any ideas??!!

I was excited to see that my 4 year old son is riding his bike again. He broke his arm on the first day of summer last year by falling off of his bike. He has not wanted to ride his bike since then. He finally got on his bike this week, and had not stopped. I am glad that he was able to get over that fear.

My book is coming along. Taking the final 2 dozen photos. A few glitches to work out this weekend, but i think that things will be on track to have the book to the printer Monday or Tuesday. Here are some sample pages and a sample card from the book. Stay tuned for sneak peaks every week!

Going to the Mad Hatter Crop at the Scrap Coop this Friday night. I am so excited. Bonnie is hosting it. Amanda, Kim, and I are all going. Should be a fun night!! Maybe we will see some of you there!

The weekend is getting away from us, so make the most of it!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oh where, Oh where, have I been?

Hello! I have to start off by saying how sorry that I am about not posting more. I am going to make it a point to make more frequent posts. (More than 1 post in 10 days shouldn't be too hard :) ) Anyways, here is what i have been up to......

  • Book, Book, and more Book: I have been working feverishly in my sketches book. I am on the home stretch. I have to finish about 1/2 of the photos (50) and then just go over my text with a fine tooth comb. I will have it to the print shop by Thursday of next week. I am hoping to have a proof copy by the end of the month. I am still on schedule to have the book released in June at the Express the Moment Conference at the Shilo Inn. Check out for more conference details.

  • ETM Crop: Getting excited for the Express the Moment crop coming April 28th. I am teaching a class using one of the sketches from my book. I REALLY want the proof copy done by the 28th, so that i can give the cropping gals a sneak peek...and maybe give away a free copy or two.......I love to go to the all day crops! It is so nice to have that time allotted for scrapbooking. I enjoy the "girl talk" and having lunch at Olive Garden. It will be nice to have the stress of my book deadline behind me. We are going to so some swaps at the crop as well. Chipboard and buttons, I think. Amanda and I are starting a circle journal group. We choose a topic and complete a scrapbook page for everyone's book. It is so fun to see all of the different ideas. I think i am going to have my topic be something about photos, favorite photos..something like that.

  • Easter: Can yo believe that Easter will be here tomorrow? Took Dalton to Wal-mart and bought him some roller blades. He is so cute trying to learn how to use them. Jaxson bought a car set. That boy LOVES cars. I heard that the Easter Bunny was going to bring them a basketball hoop. Usually, we go camping on Easter weekend. Yes, it is sometimes cold and occasionally we get snowed on. I had to work this weekend, so no camping for us.

  • Around the House: Been so busy with my book, I felt like my house was a disaster. Took yesterday afternoon off from it, and did some spring cleaning. Dusting, windows, washing rugs, cleaning the stove, laundry. Not a real fun afternoon, but it felt so good to have it done!

  • Tracey and Boys: I have to say that I am married to the best man ever!! He has been so understanding with me and my book. He is so supportive and encouraging. He is even helpful when my computer wont work and I throw a tantrum. ( I am so not computer inclined!!) He has believed in my book since the moment that I mentioned it. He is such a sweetheart!! I love him with all of my heart! My boys have also been so good. I try not to work much when they get home from school, but when I did, they were so well behaved and kept themselves occupied. I have some great boys!! Love you!!

Well, I think that about wraps things up for me. Better get going. Have a great Easter weekend.