Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Love that Sunshine!!

Boy, do I love that sunshine!! We did some yard work this weekend and it felt so good to be outside in the fresh air! My kids are sooo loving it! I hope it continues for the weekend.

I have been busy getting ready for Dalton's birthday on friday. We are having a party at our house on thursday night. It will be all Star Wars themed. He is so excited he can hardly stand it! This will be the first birthday party we have had at out house. Wish us luck, and hope that all 4 walls are still standing after 10 seven year olds have a party!

Tracey went fishing this past weekend. He has two tournaments this upcoming weekend. I hope the weather is good and he has a good time. I hope to go see him on Sunday.

I have the ETM crop on Saturday! I am really jazzed about that. I have my class together. I am teaching a really cute layout. Let me tell you, the projects for this crop are AWESOME! You will not be disappointed. Hope to go to Olive Garden for lunch!

Taught first aid to the boy scouts last night. It was a blast. Those kids were so much fun. I have to review things with them next week as well.

No word on my book yet. Getting anxious. The gal at the printer said that things were going well. Stay tuned.......Look over my blog because i will have questions about my book at the ETM crop. I am giving away some cool prizes!!!!!

Hope your mid week is going good.

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wendylynne said...

Awesome projects and prizes! What was I thinking planning something else on a crop weekend? We'll miss being there and hearing about yuor book is coming along.