Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oh where, Oh where, have I been?

Hello! I have to start off by saying how sorry that I am about not posting more. I am going to make it a point to make more frequent posts. (More than 1 post in 10 days shouldn't be too hard :) ) Anyways, here is what i have been up to......

  • Book, Book, and more Book: I have been working feverishly in my sketches book. I am on the home stretch. I have to finish about 1/2 of the photos (50) and then just go over my text with a fine tooth comb. I will have it to the print shop by Thursday of next week. I am hoping to have a proof copy by the end of the month. I am still on schedule to have the book released in June at the Express the Moment Conference at the Shilo Inn. Check out for more conference details.

  • ETM Crop: Getting excited for the Express the Moment crop coming April 28th. I am teaching a class using one of the sketches from my book. I REALLY want the proof copy done by the 28th, so that i can give the cropping gals a sneak peek...and maybe give away a free copy or two.......I love to go to the all day crops! It is so nice to have that time allotted for scrapbooking. I enjoy the "girl talk" and having lunch at Olive Garden. It will be nice to have the stress of my book deadline behind me. We are going to so some swaps at the crop as well. Chipboard and buttons, I think. Amanda and I are starting a circle journal group. We choose a topic and complete a scrapbook page for everyone's book. It is so fun to see all of the different ideas. I think i am going to have my topic be something about photos, favorite photos..something like that.

  • Easter: Can yo believe that Easter will be here tomorrow? Took Dalton to Wal-mart and bought him some roller blades. He is so cute trying to learn how to use them. Jaxson bought a car set. That boy LOVES cars. I heard that the Easter Bunny was going to bring them a basketball hoop. Usually, we go camping on Easter weekend. Yes, it is sometimes cold and occasionally we get snowed on. I had to work this weekend, so no camping for us.

  • Around the House: Been so busy with my book, I felt like my house was a disaster. Took yesterday afternoon off from it, and did some spring cleaning. Dusting, windows, washing rugs, cleaning the stove, laundry. Not a real fun afternoon, but it felt so good to have it done!

  • Tracey and Boys: I have to say that I am married to the best man ever!! He has been so understanding with me and my book. He is so supportive and encouraging. He is even helpful when my computer wont work and I throw a tantrum. ( I am so not computer inclined!!) He has believed in my book since the moment that I mentioned it. He is such a sweetheart!! I love him with all of my heart! My boys have also been so good. I try not to work much when they get home from school, but when I did, they were so well behaved and kept themselves occupied. I have some great boys!! Love you!!

Well, I think that about wraps things up for me. Better get going. Have a great Easter weekend.


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