Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Upcoming Classes!

Here are some photos of my upcoming classes at the ETM store...

Gratitude Notebook and Journal Jar

November 8th 2007

2 CLASS TIMES to choose from!! 11 am or 6 pm

Cost: $15.00

I love the fall colors of this project! Come and enjoy me for a day of fun and creativity!!


I cannot believe that it is already November...well a day away. Christmas will be here before we know it, so lets get a jump start on you Christmas cards.

Christmas Countdown

Date: November 17, 2007

Time: 1-3 pm

Cost $15

Sign up today!! Hope to see you there!

Have a Great Halloween! Stay safe and warm!!


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busy Weekend

Wanted to take a minute to catch up on my blog. Had a great weekend. Lots to talk about.

Friday night went to the Scrapping with Heart Charity crop. Glad to be able to help a good cause. It was fun to see some old friends and the food was DELICIOUS!! Lots of great goodies given away! Make a few book sales, plan to donate half of the money to the Cardiomyopathy Foundation. I plan on donating every year!!

Went to SLC this weekend. Took Mom and the little boys. We went down to see my great aunt who has fallen ill. She was SO frail! I am so grateful that we went to see her. I have a feeling it will be the last time that we do.

Also went to visit a friend of mine who was in the hospital in SLC. It was great to see him and his family. They are such a great family. Such strong faith and determination. They are a true inspiration to me.

We decided to spend the night. My kids LOVE to stay in hotels. They love the elevators, the two beds close together to jump on, the mini fridge. Everything. We went swimming at the pool on Saturday. My kids love the water. Late night movie and snacks in bed ended the night. The hotel had a wonderful breakfast, we loaded up and went back to our room so that the boys could give grandma "breakfast in bed".

Had lunch at Olive Garden. I know, we have one here, but the one in SLC always tasted better and there is never the wait. Anyways. it was out of this world!! YUMMY!!

Came home Sunday. It was a beautiful drive. All of the fall colors were breathtaking. It was good to be home. Tracey stayed home and cleaned the house. What a great man!! I loved coming home to a nice clean house! Thanks babe!!

Finished up a journal for a class at ETM. Sorry for no pictures, but soon! It turned out so cute! Also doing a Christmas card class in a few weeks. Pics to comes for that one too.

Helped Dalton with a poster about himself for school. He is STUDENT OF THE WEEK! He is so excited about that. He was chosen because "he is always ready in class". He is a very good student, he is a smart kid, We are very proud of his work in school. Way to go, Dalton!!

Now, just kicking back getting caught up on blogging and emails. Have a great night!!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still here....

Yes, I am still here. Feeling better and now trying to get caught up on laundry, scrapbooking, and life.

I am going to go to the Scrappin with Heart crop tomorrow. REALLY excited to have some scheduled scrapbooking time. Love that the proceeds go to a good cause. I am still taking names for the drawing for the goodie bag if you are going to the crop. See the post a few days back. Can't wait to see all of you there!

Probably going to SLC this weekend. Have to visit my great aunt who has fallen ill. I have a few friends that are in the hospital down there also. Going to take them a little gift. Hope to be able to fit in a visit with the gal who is going to print my book for QVC. Got to get that going so I can be ready to go by January.

Having a neighborhood Halloween party next week. Decorating gingerbread haunted houses, decorating pumpkins, and having dinner. Should be fun.

Not much else exciting to post, much more later. I have a CUTE Journal and Journal Jar class that I am doing at ETM. Almost done and will post pics. Also a Christmas card class coming up in November. More details soon.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Under the weather.....STILL

Pewny greetings from the Mitchell house. Still have coughs hanging on, but the doctors say that it is now bronchitis. New meds have helped, but them my crown fell of sunday. Sooooo off to the dentist today, tooth not able to be saved, to the oral surgeon tomorrow to get tooth implant. One good thing.....good meds, no pain!!

Anyways, have the ETM all day crop on Saturday. I WILL be better for that. It is a welcomed creative time. I have been so tired that i have not been very creative, then last night after my meds kicked in, my mind started racing...layout ideas, class ideas, the next edition of my book......It was so nice to get the juices flowing that i had to get up in the middle of the night and jot them down. So glad I did, cause after the dentist today I was a little fuzzy!

Okay, on to more fun things.....See my post a few back( October 1st) about the Scrapping with Heart Charity crop. This is truly a great cause. Since that last post I have had a dear friend be sent to SLC for a heart transplant. I am even more committed to get participation for Jenni's foundation. It feels great to be able to do something.

Here is the fun part.....if you post on my blog under this topic and you attend the crop on October 26th, you will be entered to win a great scrapbooking goodie bag. Let's hear it girls.....who is going to the crop. We will do the drawing at the crop.

My book, Designing with Sketches, will be on sale at this crop for $20 with half of the proceeds going to Jenni's foundation. Come and have a great evening, all while supporting a great cause.

Hope to see you there!

(Who wants that goodie bag??!!)


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Something old, Something new......

You know the old saying when you get married:

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

Well, I am putting my own twist on it. I am using this saying to insire my creativity when making my layouts. I try to incporporate these 4 "somethings" into my page...

Something old: This is a way for me to use my old stash. You know, the stuff you bought months ago and never got around to using it.

Something new: (My favorite area!!) This lets me use the new stuff that I just cannot wait to use. It also inspires me to try a new technique.

Something borrowed: This allows me to scraplift ideas and not feel guilty about it!! I can steal just a part of a layout or the whole thing!

Something blue: This makes me think about color. This is the hardest one for me, because I am such a "matchy-matchy" person. I try to use colors that I may not ususally put together.

Here are my first two layouts:
Something old: I used the cloth "togetherness" sticker. It matched the tones of my page to the tee. What a great find!

Something new: These new plastic flowers by American Crafts. I dont get to use lots of flowers with my boys so this was so fun!

Something borrowed:Took advice from Ali Edwards and used my own handwriting on the page.

Something blue: Okay, the orange flowers dont match the paper "exactly", but I used them anyway and I love the different shades together!

Next layout:

Something old: I used the skinny brown Chatterbox stickers for my title. I forgot how much I love them!! I also went through my rub-on stash and found some rubons that matched my page. Yeah~ Love using up that old stuff! I also placed rubons on my photos~something that I used to do, but somehow got out of the habit.

Something new: I bought this new green ribbon from May Arts. I love ribbon! I also used my new journal box stamp from 7 Gypsies. It makes a great addition to the page.

Something borrowed: I copies Amanda's technique of covering chipboard and cutting it out with my exactoknife. I love the way that it turned out! Thanks Amanda!

Something blue: I dont do a lot of monochromatic layouts, so it was a little stretch for me to use the light green cardstock background with the darker green chipboard. It turned out well, and I really like the contrast. I also added blue rubons to some of the photos. The blue is a total contrast and it draws attention to the color of my boys clothes.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lesa's Layouts

Here is a sneak peak of Lesa's Halloween layouts. Look for other projects at the ETM store.

If you are interested in joining the Moments and/or Expressions Monthly kits, call 552-4847.
Thanks Lesa! I hope to do this every so often, so keep checking back for the next contest!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Love that Idaho Weather!!

How is everyone loving all that snow? I used to love the snow when I was little because I knew that when the snow starts falling, then it is getting close to my birthday. (My bday is in January) Well, now that i am grown and can read a calender, I don't need the snow to tell me when my birthday is. I am not a big skier (My version of skiing is more like sledding because i am always on my butt going down the hill!!) and i am not really find of the cold, but my kids love the snow. We already had two snowball fights, made snow angels, and made a snowman.

One of the best things about playing in the snow is coming inside and getting warm with a cozy fire and a cup of hot chocolate. YUMMY!!!

Snowy cold days are also great for scrapbooking inside. I am working on the pictures from Leas who won the contest to have her photos scrapbooked with the October Moments kit. Her layouts will be on display at the ETM store so be sure to check them out. Her pictures were of her family dressed up in costumes last Halloween. It was so cool because it was a family event. Even Lesa and her husband dressed up. She was Corella Deville (sp?), her hubby was one of the 102 Dalmatians, and her three kids were little Dalmatians too. So cute. I will post the layouts later today when I have them done.

Stay cozy!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Winner and A Crop for a great cause!!

The winner of the contest is.....

Lesa Martinson!!!
Congrats! I will contact you about getting your photos so I cna get working on them. Everyone be sure to check out Lesas pictures at the ETM store at the end of the week!

Want to have a night of fun cropping, dinner, and free prizes all while donating to a great cause??!!! I have just the thing.

Scrappin with Heart
October 26, 2007
6 pm t0 MN
At the Press a Print building in Idaho Falls.
$25.00 (Includes dinner, cropping, and prizes)

This charity crop is a fundraiser for a family who have a very small child with heart problems. This childs mother has started a foundation called The Childrens Cardiomyopathy Foundation. ALL of the proceed from this charity will be donated to this foundation.

As a cardiac nurse myself, I see the effects of heart problems and the physical and financial that they cause for the patient and family. I am sure this is only magnified if the patient is a child. Please sign up today for a night of fun, all while donating to a great cause.

There will be free make-and-takes by:
Express the Moment
Stampin Up!

Sponsers of the event include:
Heritage Makers
Express the Moment
Custom Vinyl Design
Scrappin Essentials
Scrappers Paradise
The Angel Company
The Card Company

Sign up today!!!
Call Jenni at 542-1117 or contact her at jenni@hughes.myrf.net

I hope to see you there!!