Sunday, August 19, 2007

Getting ready for school!


Sounds like I am doing inventory for my scrapbook room! :) Sitting down tonight to get all of the school supplies for the kids labeled and packed in the backpacks. The kids are so excited about all of their new stuff! I am excited for them to meet new friends and learn new things, but I always feel a little nervous and sad inside because they are gone for such a long amount of time. I worry about all of the negative influences that they will encounter and hope that we have taught them to be safe and strong.

Taught my first class at the ETM stores. It was a beginning class. It went great. It was all back-to-school themed. I found the cutest little candy-filled lunch pails at Target for each of the ladies. They were just adorable. It is so fun to help gals get started into scrapbooking or get re-energized about it.

I have another class coming up the second Saturday in September. 3 layouts in 2 hours. Themes are SUMMER, FAMILY, and BACK TO SCHOOL. What a great way to tie up summer and get a jump start on fall with all of these layouts done!! Sign up today at the ETM store. Space is limited.

I have some photos from our reunion at Lava Hot Springs. Haven't had time to download them. I will soon. More later!


Monday, August 13, 2007

I am going to QVC!!!

Just in.......My book will premier on QVC sometime in January 2008! Cannot wait for more details! I will keep you posted!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yellowstone and Wall Decals

Hello~ I cannot believe that it is August already! Where does the time go? Here is where we spent our time the last few weeks...

It was Tracey and I's 13th Wedding Anniversary on the 23rd of July. (Love you Babe!) Talk about time flying by! He is such a great husband and father!! For our anniversary, we went up to a friends cabin in Yellowstone for the weekend. (Yes, we did take our boys with us). It was so nice to get away. The weather was beautiful and we saw tons of fun stuff.

Here is the cabin that we stayed at. It has a DOUBLE DECK! It was so cool. There is a wooden swing on the porch. Loved it!

We stopped along the way and waded in the Yellowstone Lake, It was so warm.

We then stopped by a walkway along the river. The water was just gorgeous!!

We went through Yellowstone and saw so many beautiful animals. Take a look!

We stopped at Old Faithful and saw the geyser go off. That was so amazing! Here is what the boys were doing while the geyser is spraying 150 feet in the air.......

Stopped at a few of the hot pots along the way.

The next day we went fishing. The river as from 3 inches to 2 feet deep. We walked up the channel fishing as we go. It was so much fun. My boys LOVE to be outside and in the water. We spent a good part of the day there. The boys each caught a lot of small fish.

Here is my favorite photo of Jax~ I was sitting on the bank taking scenery photos and here comes Jax across the river with a purple flower in his hand. "I brought this for you, Mom. It is your favorite color".

After the fishing we took the motorcycle and the 4 wheeler back into the woods about 10 miles. Did i mention how gorgeous it was up there?! We ended up tired, dusty, and hungry, so we got milkshakes and french fries for the ride home. What a great time we had!!

Okay, I have to show you the new things that I bought for my house. Vinyl wall decals. I bought them from my friend, Jec. She does such a great job! She also has cute home decor things for sale at the ETM store. You should check them out. Check out her website

Look at the ones that i put up in my house.

This is the toy room It is done in seashore/lighthouse/water theme.

This is in my living room.

They add such a cute, personal accent to your home.

Well, we have our family reunion at Lava next weekend, and then it is back to school. Keep checking back!!