Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Family Newsletter

Dear family~
Just a little note to catch everyone up on what has been happening at The Mitchell house. We are all very excited to have some nice weather. Yes, there seems to be snow every third day, but the days in between when it is sunny are soooo nice! We planted our garden a few weeks ago. My peas are up about 4 inches, I have three tomatoes, one stalk of corn and my carrots are sprouting. My lettuce plants and apple trees are also doing well. Even with the occasional snow fall, my plants have survived (thanks to Tracey’s attention and covering the plants at night!). My tulips in the front are all blooming, they are so beautiful. We have already had two nest-fuls of Robyn eggs this year.
We went last weekend up to Big Elk Creek near Palisades Dam to camp for the weekend. It was wonderful! The weather was great! 80 degrees all weekend with a little breeze. It did cool down at night, but the days warmed up quickly. We bought Dalton a motorcycle. Big Elk was a great place for him to practice riding it (It was great for Tiffany to try riding too!). He is such a quick learner and so responsible. He loved riding it. Jaxson found a lizard and brought it home. He named it Sneaky. We had a moose come through our camp, and a dozen deer came down by the water to drink. The scenery was gorgeous. Green trees with snow topped mountains in the background. Beautiful! Here are some pictures of the camping.
Todd, Emily, and the kids came for a visit from Seattle. We love having them here. The kids all love playing together. We went down to Gem Lake for a picnic on Sunday.
Dalton will be out of school the 29th. He is very excited to be out! I went with his class to the zoo for their last field trip. He loved having me and Jaxson go with him. He is getting baptized this weekend. He is a little nervous about going under the water, but he is excited. Dalton plans on riding his motorbike and shooting his BB gun this summer. He loves to go out to Uncle Cory’s and shoot birds.
Jaxson is finished with Preschool. He is really going to miss school. He cannot wait to be in Kindergarten this fall. He gets to ride the bus with his brother. This summer he wants to go to the park and play, play leggos, and play with his friends.
Tiffany is still busy at the hospital. We have busy times and slow times. Summer seems to be the start of the busy time. Still scrapbooking. My QVC appearance has been pushed back to Jan 2009. I am in charge of my wards Girls Camp next month. Things are coming together for that and should be really fun. I have a big scrapbook conference in Arizona in September. Really excited for that.
Tracey and Darren bought a boat together. They have been working on fixing it up so it will be ready for summer. He has been out fishing a few times. Not fishing many tournaments this year. Helping Dalton with his motorbike and BB gun has been fun for Tracey. Tracey and I will be going to Philadelphia in July for classes for QVC. It will be sort of an anniversary vacation. We hope to go down to Washington DC for a day or so.
We have plans to go to the cabin at Massacre Rocks in a few weeks. The boys are so excited to go there. Hopefully, we will get in quite a few camp trips this summer.
Hope all is well with all of you. Keep in touch with us. See us at my blog www.tiffanylmitchell@blogspot.com.

Love you all,
Tiffany, Tracey, Dalton, and Jaxson

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lost in the hustle and bustle of life......

I seriously don't know where the time goes, it has been 6 weeks since my last post.I must have a lot to post right?!?! Well lets see....

  • Lots of planning for Girls Camp. Finished up on the assignments and now starting on the menus, activities, and goodies. I have such great leaders who help me, i couldn't do it without them!!! Camp is June 16th...

  • Found some delicious strawberry's at Wal-mart. They were soooo good. Ate the first carton and then just had to make homemade jam with the next two. Had some homemade bread to go with it. Delish!!!!

  • Dalton had his 8th birthday last week. Took 10 friends to Blast Off. They played golf, ate pizza, and ran a whole lot of energy off. It was really fun! Here are a few pics..

  • Also a great shout out to my dad, Dennis... It is his birthday on the same day as Daltons! Happy Birthday Dad!!

  • Went bowling the other day with the boys and Darren and Amber. We (well, I) are not really good at it, but it is fun.

Jaxson was really funny... he would stand like this all through the game and would say "Aim at the middle pin." He was such a great coach!

  • Got my garden planted this past weekend. Now, lets hope that we don't have more snow to freeze my little plants!!

  • Been doing a lot of scrapbooking for the ETM store and a little on my own. Always something to be doing!!
  • Today is my niece's 9th birthday. Happy Birthday, Caylie May!!!!!!
  • You would think that there would be a whole lot more to post but that is the major stuff.

Enjoy that sunshine!! Tiffany