Saturday, October 6, 2007

Love that Idaho Weather!!

How is everyone loving all that snow? I used to love the snow when I was little because I knew that when the snow starts falling, then it is getting close to my birthday. (My bday is in January) Well, now that i am grown and can read a calender, I don't need the snow to tell me when my birthday is. I am not a big skier (My version of skiing is more like sledding because i am always on my butt going down the hill!!) and i am not really find of the cold, but my kids love the snow. We already had two snowball fights, made snow angels, and made a snowman.

One of the best things about playing in the snow is coming inside and getting warm with a cozy fire and a cup of hot chocolate. YUMMY!!!

Snowy cold days are also great for scrapbooking inside. I am working on the pictures from Leas who won the contest to have her photos scrapbooked with the October Moments kit. Her layouts will be on display at the ETM store so be sure to check them out. Her pictures were of her family dressed up in costumes last Halloween. It was so cool because it was a family event. Even Lesa and her husband dressed up. She was Corella Deville (sp?), her hubby was one of the 102 Dalmatians, and her three kids were little Dalmatians too. So cute. I will post the layouts later today when I have them done.

Stay cozy!

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