Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gettin' to know Me~

A few of us blogger-gals have been tagging each other so that we can learn more about each other. Here are my secret tidbits~~

  • I am left handed. People that i have know for years never have noticed until i am writing something down right in front of them.
  • I was born in Virginia. It just so happened that is where my parents were stationed in the military at the time. Moved to Idaho at age 1 and been here ever since.
  • I don't like fresh eggs. You know, you have the chickens in the coops and you pick them fresh in the morning. YUCK!! I am not a real "egg" person anyways, but none of those fresh ones for me....what if you crack it open and there is a baby chick inside?!?! I am sure that the eggs are x-rayed before getting on to the shelves.
  • I love to have my feet rubbed. That is the most relaxing thing!!
  • I love diet vanilla pepsi. Many of you have seen me carry around my Bubba Keg.
  • I am a scrap-aholic. I know that may be a surprised to many of you!!

Well, that's it for today... Have a good Thursday!


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