Friday, April 27, 2007


Just wanted to send out a HUGE Happy Birthday wish to DALTON!! He is 7 years old!
I cannot believe how big he is getting. We all survived the party. The kids played a few games outside, we had pizza, and then opened presents in record time!
Dalton is having a sleep over tonight with his friend, Jacob. Should be fun!!

It is hard for me when my kids have a birthday and they get sooo many gifts. I feel really "worldly". My kids are a little on the spoiled side, but they have good manners. (Most of the time) I try to get them to slow down and enjoy each gift before going on to the next. I was so happy this morning when we gave Dalton his big gift (the transformer he has ALWAYS wanted), and when my 4 year old, Jaxson, saw the present he ran over to me, threw his arms around my neck and said "Mom, thank you for getting my brother such a great present.". It is those small moments in life that make smile on the inside.

We picked up Dalton from school for lunch. He was so excited! Next, the sleepover.

I am cleaning out my scrapbook room from my hibernation while i was doing my book. I tool a bunch of stuff to the Scrap Coop for their garage sale. It was nice to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Amanda is coming over tonight. Both of our husbands are oot going to a fishing tournament. We are going to do a little scrapbooking and watch a movie. GIRLS NIGHT OUT!

Tomorrow is the ETM crop. So excited! Gotta get packed to go.

Going to go sit outside with Jax for a while.


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