Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fun family time


I was able to go to the fire station field trip with Dalton's class. He was so excited for me to go. I have to tell you, those kids have SO MUCH energy! After touring the fire station and the 911 call center, they still had enough energy to run up and down the hills at Freeman park. I was exhausted just watching them!! They had fun and really learned a lot.

I finished my layout for the ETM Conference. It is sooo awesome. Kim has so many cute things planned. I cannot wait til it's here.

I got a sneak peek at my book on Thursday. Can I tell you that is is so much cooler than I had imagined it would. The graphic designer, Lacey, is so creative and she has done a wonderful job with the layout. I hope to have a proof copy by the end of the week, then a week to print, a week for binding, and they should be ready for the ETM Expo in June. Really, really excited about this!!!

Went camping to Massacre Rock, near American Falls, this weekend. Gorgeous weather. It was quite a sentimental trip. We stayed at the campsite where my grandparents always stayed. We were camping there on Mother's Day, which is the day that my grandmother died. Lots of sweet memories, and a few tears. For those of you who have not been to Massacre Rocks, there are blue-belly lizards there. It has always been a pastime to try and catch them. We found one little lizard near the parking lot. Grandma Marti, Jaxson and myself had this little guy contained around 2 garbage cans. The little lizard ran under the garbage can, so i lifted it up and lo and behold there was a mouse nest under it. Out came the mama mouse with two babies, looking up at us like, "What have you done to my house?!". We returned the can and hopefully the mice will stay there. By this time, Dalton and Tracey showed up. We all were in on the lizard action and the lizard ran under one of the cement curbs in the parking lot. Before i knew it, there I was, lying on the ground, straddling the cement curb, hollering for lizard reinforcements. Tracey was able to shoo the lizard out with a stick and Dalton snatched up the lizard. Us 5 big, grown people really showed that tiny lizard, didn't we!!

That wasn't the end of our animal adventures. We caught another lizard, (no curb straddling for that one) and also a snake. Dalton has wanted a snake for about 2 years. We caught this one and brought it home to live at the Mitchell Reptile Center. It is a a Blue Racer snake. (Nonpoisonous and trainable) . That brings our animal total to 6 fish
1 snake
3 Salamanders
2 Lizards
2 cats
It was a very fun weekend. Very relaxing with lots of good food and tons of laughs.

Back to work for a few days and hope to fit some scrapbooking in sometime.

Have a great week!!


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