Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pictures of my book and my boys

Here is a sample page from my book Let me tell you, this picture does not even do the book justice. It is just beautiful! There are sketch ideas for
There are also ideas for making home decor projects! I have given you 4 pages of sketch pads so that you can sketch your own ideas. There are lay105 pages with 100 sketches and over 200 layouts!! The book is going to retail in stores for $29.99 but will be on sale at the ETM expo for
Be sure to stop by the Express the Moment booth and purchase your copy.
June 8-9 at the Shilo Inn
Here is a picture of the boys that i took at a fountain near our house. Look how big they are getting!! They are both out of school for the summer. They are so excited about that!!
Here are some pictures from our camping trip.
Don't worry... there are no curb straddling pictures!!Look real close and you can see the little lizard in Jaxson's hand.

Here I am with the boys and the snake. Don't we all look so happy!
Look~ 2 posts in one day.......



Lori Jolley said...

The excitement is building for that book to be revealed! It looks great!

Shelly Brown said...

Soooo excited for the book, Tiffany! Looks good!