Saturday, May 26, 2007

Let's catch up!!

  • Happy Memorial Day weekend!! Hope everyone is safe and enjoying the nice weather. Tracey took the boys fishing today. Hope they are having fun (and wearing sunscreen!!)! I went into work this morning for a few hours to help out and then my mom and I went to visit the graves of my grandparents. Now, back at home bloggin!! Here are a few highlights (or lowlights) of my week.

  • Went to the funeral of a friend that i went to high school with. You never expect to have to do that when you are 34. My friend was in a car accident. So sad. She was so pretty and such a sweet person. She will sure be missed. At the funeral I ran into some other gals that i went to high school with. (Hi Kim and Jessica!!). It was fun to get caught up on each of their lives! Take the time to contact your friends and never know when it is our time to go.

  • On a lighter note, the reptile collection is doing well. The lizards and the salamanders are cohabitating well together. The snake is great. He lets Dalton hold him. Not a real big eater. He doesnt like the dead, frozen mice that we feed him. Poor little Dalton, he wasnt so sure that he wanted to feed those tiny mice to Sneeky. We also have 4 new babies at our robyns.

It has been so fun to check on the eggs and now see the tiny chicks. I think there are 4 or 5 of them.

  • Friday night the ETM staff got together and started getting things together for the upcoming expo. I cannot spoil the suprises, but the projects are TO DIE FOR!! The free gifts and goodies are so cute! I am really excited for this. I am teaching a layout based on one of the sketches in my book. Cool huh!!
  • The book is coming along slowly. I got a proof copy printed out. The colors are beautiful. So vibrant and clear. The layout is wonderful! It is crunch time now becasue i have to have the book sent to SLC to have the spiral binding done and the tabbed dividers added. I am still pressing to have it done by the expo. Keep your fingers crossed!
  • I have some photos of the boys as well as the photos from our last camping trip but my computer wont upload them. I will keep trying.
  • Have a great weekend!!


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