Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a Weekend!!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since i posted. Tracey and I took our boys to Las Vegas to see the World Finals Monster Trucks. It was a blast!!
We drove (yes, 10 hours in the care with 2 small boys....brave huh!) A box of snacks, the DVD player, and a bunch of sticker books were the only way we made it through!! We drove through Utah and stopped at the Museum of Ancient History. There were a lot of exhibits of dinosaurs. My boys LOVE that! We then continued to sight-see (scrapbook shopping) along the way. On Friday, we went to the pit party for the monster trucks. We were able to ride in the back of a real Monster Truck. So fun! The drivers signed autographs and we were able to take pictures of all the trucks. They had mini electric monster trucks for the kids to ride.
Also found an aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Lots of sharks, you could touch the stingrays. Really cool!
On Saturday, we drove down to Hoover Dam (never been there before) Took tons of gorgeous pictures. Here are a few. Found a few more scrapbook stores. Scrappin Time... great store..tons of new stuff...Pebbles...cute new store....told them all about my book....possible orders.....
Saturday night was the racing and freestyle for the monster trucks. Pretty much every truck that came out on the track was destroyed. It was so cool. One truck rolled over and landed on its nose, and stayed there. Yelled so much, I have no voice today.
Late night then up at 5 am to drive home. Stopped in Pocatello and ate at Mama Inez (truly the best food in the WORLD!!) Now just chillin out getting caught up on emails. Will get back into the groove of my book in the morning.
I realize that i have not posted all of the entries from my contest. Here they are!!!
(My computer will not upload the images....I will keep trying.) I will send you each a little something in the mail for supporting my book! Thanks again!!
Lori Jolley~Sandman
Teisha Daniels~We are Family
Shelly Brown~Brotherly Love
Tammie Andreason~More than Friends
Tammy Maynard~Shake your Booty
April Scism~Its a Girl Thing
Thanks for checking in with me! Hope everyone is finding time to scrapbook!!


wendylynne said...

Welcome home! Sounds like such a fun trip with your boys.

Sherelle said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I am so jealous! And look at that nice weather...glad you all had a good time!