Saturday, March 3, 2007


Hello! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

For those of you who do not know, I am a Cardiac Nurse at the hospital. One of my patients asked me the other day if I had always wanted to be a nurse. I said, "Only since I was three". I then told him the story of how i know i wanted to be a nurse. Thought that i would share it with you.....

When i was three, I wanted to be a garbage man. There was a garbage man who got to stand on a peg on the outside of the garbage truck and ride around town on it. I thought that would be the coolest thing! I would sit on the back of the couch, looking out the window every Wednesday to see the man ride on his peg. One day, he got off his peg and started sifting through the garbage. I asked my mom what he was doing, and she said, "Well, he is a garbage man, his job is to pick up garbage and put it in the truck" . I thought for a minute and then decided that i didn't want to pick up icky garbage. I then asked my mom what she did. "I am a nurse." Not knowing what they did, and hoping it wasn't picking up garbage, I asked what nurses did. She said that they help sick people. I said, "OK, i think i will be a nurse. " And that was that. Funny how i stuck with that goal!! I must say, I always think about riding on that peg when i see a garbage truck go by!!

Oh, fun memories!!! One of the best things about kids is that they often remind you of your own childhood. Last night, my boys decided to have a "sleep over" in the living room. They proceeded to make "forts" out of chairs, pillows, blankets, end tables, and whatever else they could find. It reminded me of when my brothers and i would make forts in our basement. Some fun things can span generations!!

Hope everyone can take a minute today and think back to some of your favorite memories!!!


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