Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Newest Project!!

I have a big announcement to make! (No, I am not pregnant!)

I have decided to publish a sketches book!! I am very excited about this. I am also a little nervous, a little anxious, and a lot motivated. I have created about 75 sketches and am in the process of making layouts of them. My book will also have sketches for cards and other projects. My goal is to have a prototype together by the end of March and hopefully the final book done by June to have for sale at the Express the Moment Scrapbooking Expo. (www.expressthemoment.com)

I would really love your input. Let me know what you would like to see in a sketches book. I am still in "idea and design" mode. Feed me your ideas!

Keep checking back because I am going to have a couple of contests where YOU can submit a layout or a card and be published in this new book. This is my first project, so compensation would be very limited. I would give you a free copy of the final book for your submission.

I am working on adding some of the sketches to my blog, so check back!
Any suggestions, concerns, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


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wendylynne said...

Wow Tiffany!! What a project. i'm sure the book will be amazing. Best of Luck!