Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Daltons 1st Grade program

Dalton had his first grade singing program tonight. Funny how you are so proud of "The Three Pigs" Opera style. After the singing was done, the kids all did a square dance and then another dance. It was so funny to watch. It was almost as fun to watch Jaxson as it was to watch Dalton. Jax sat and clapped the WHOLE program. He just smiled and waved at Dalton. He had so much fun!!

We had to take a family picture (of course!), and here is a picture of Dalton on stage. He is the cute boy in the back row with the blue shirt on.

Boy, time sure flies! Seems like only yesterday Dalton was learning to crawl around. You have to enjoy every stage that your children go through because, before you know it, that stage is gone.

Give your kids an extra big hug tonight. More later! Tiff

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