Thursday, February 22, 2007

More book news!

Wow! This book publishing stuff is sooo fun! I have so many ideas that I can hardly see straight. Here is the latest.

  • Checked out some printing places, so many cool ideas!!
  • Working on getting layouts and cards made for the book.
  • Finishing up sketch for my "Get Published" contest on my blog.
  • Designing a sketch for a layout to be taught at the next ETM crop. See for more details.
  • Recruiting some stores for a store directory. If you have a company or in-home business, I would love to put your business card in my book. Please contact me at for more information.

I know that you ladies have ideas about what you like and what you don't like in idea books. Please pass that insight on to me. I would love to hear from you!!


Thomas said...


I got the email with the sketches and I am really excited to get started. This is going to be so fun!!


Teisha said...


What a great venture for you. I'm sure you will create an awesome book. I'll be watching for your contest!


Tammy said...


I know you will do great with your new venture. You have a customer already and it's not even published yet!! :)


Lori Ann said...

What a great adventure. Good luck. I will look forward to seeing the final product.

Lori Ann

wendylynne said...

Sounds like a lot of work. But, it sounds like lots of fun too. Can't wait to see it.

Amanda Gibson said...

Tiff! I've been trying to post on here all weekend! I forgot my password and so I had to wait till I got to work - cuz that's where i wrote it down! Geez! Anyway, I just know you're book is going to be great - since you're the best scrapbook sketcher I know! By the way, loved the video of Dalton's "hip hop" dance. He can definately work the pencil! See you soon!

Kimmeroobobslob said...

How awesome Tiffany! I can't even wait to see your new book! I love sketches, but am not creative enough to make my own... what a talent you have! Best wishes, and you can count me in for buying one... oh, and can I get your autograph when I buy it? :) Hehehe! Way to go!

Kim Caldwell