Sunday, August 24, 2008

A moment of downtime...

I found one.......a moment of downtime, so I thought that i better post my pictures on my blog. Here are some of the pictures from our annual family reunion at Lava Hot Springs.

  • Jaxson was cleared to ride the water slides. He was so excited. He loved them. He was about 1 inch over the required height line.

  • Dalton is swimming!! No lessons, just tips from cousin Caylie, and a sense of adventure! Way to go buddy!

  • Had one night of terrible winds. Had to move Todd and family into our trailer it was so bad. When we got up the next morning, there were branches scattered all over the campground.

    I went to the Lisa Bearnson Adventure. I took a photography class at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was so beautiful. The class was really helpful, the teacher was superb. Took tons of pictures of the flowers and scenery. Here are some of my favorites....

I went to the classes by my self, but ended up meeting some great friends! Here they are along with some photos of me and Lisa....
Oh yea, we went shopping while we were there. It was so great!! Here is my loot from Making Memories. Oh yea, when we toured Rusty Pickle, they had this delicious chocolate fountain for us. It was so yummy!!
Spent one Sunday up to Blacktail. We swam around and caught some fish. The weather was great and so was the fishing!!

So, Dalton started soccer. His first game is this Wednesday. We have been practicing at home and he is getting into shape.

The first day of school has come and gone. Both boys were up before the crack of dawn, dressed with backpacks on by 0700. Here is our traditional family picture.

And yes, that is a black eye on Jaxson. He bumped heads with the neighbor kid during a race. Just how I wanted to take my son to the doctor for his school shots----with a huge shiner.

The kindergartners don't ride the bus for the first three days, so I took Jaxson. Here he is in his classroom.

I then snuck over to Dalton's class and said hello to him.

We didn't go to Island Park this weekend. Stayed home and did some DEEP cleaning. Scrapbook room cleaned top to bottom, reorganized and rearranged. Same with the closets and bathrooms. Lots of work, but it was great to get done.

Taking it easy today, going to watch the last day of the Olympics, maybe go to a movie, get caught up on my blog-surfing. Nothing too stressful. Have a great week!!



Kim Rose said...

Great pics! I didn't know Jax went the first day with a shinner. Nice!
See you in a couple of days. CE here we come!

Pickett Fences said...

Hey it looks like you guys have had a lot of fun this summer, I love the pictures!