Sunday, July 13, 2008

July Madness...

June has come and gone, and July is working her way by in quick fashion. Here's what we've been up to.
  • Took the boys to Rigby Lake with some neighbors. It was so fun. I think it was close to 100 degrees that day. The water felt great. I loved how close Rigby Lake was and how there was so much sand for the kids to play in.

  • Had a great 4th of July. Had a BBQ with the neighborhood and then we had a community firework show. It was so great. I talked the boys into a few family photos before the BBQ.

  • My garden is coming along well.

Everything is growing well, especially the lettuce. We have been having a lot of salads lately. :) We picked our first tomato on Sunday. The peas are still small, but good to eat with Ranch!!

  • Took a few photos of some of the plants in our yard. Besides mowing and an occasional weeding, the yard and flowerbeds have not been added to. Everything is green and nothing has died this year, so all is well in the yard department.

  • Tracey and I are going to Philadelphia and Washington DC for the week. I am going to PA to meet with QVC and get the low-down on the whole process. I have two days of classes there, learning about the shipping, processing, and business side of QVC, and then I will do a run through of the TV segment, take a tour of the studio, and meet with the hosts. The next two days we will go down to DC and see the sights. It is our 14th wedding anniversary on the 23rd of this month, s0 its a business/romantic getaway trip. I am sort of nervous, we have never both been gone from the kids at the same time. They are staying with Grandmas for the week, so i know they will be taken care of.

  • Had a chance to finish up my Moments projects for the ETM store.

See you when we get back.



Amanda Gibson said...

Have tons of fun on your trip, Tiff!

Kim Rose said...

Cute boys! I am jealous of your garden.
Can't wait to hear about the trip!

Pickett Fences said...

Wow, you are wonder woman. It looks like you guys have been a little busy. We will see you on Sunday.