Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another Sunday evening. There is something about Sunday that makes me want to just snuggle by the fire and nap. Do you feel that way? It is even worse when it is so darn cold outside.

Anyways, was able to get the rest of the Christmas down and things back to normal. Did some returns today also. No lines or hassles, it was great!!

Taught my primary class today. I had my new class. They are 5 years old, and there are 9 of them. They are so cute. They are all so chatty about life and things.

Worked and extra day this weekend for a friend who was sick. She really appreciated it and the extra money will be nice! Well, money that will go to my implants...........tooth implant that is. Yes, I have to have major (okay it is just minor, but i am a weenie, so i think it is major) mouth surgery next Monday. Not looking forward to that at all!

Well, that is the recap of my week. Boring and uneventful. Sorry. Maybe more pictures next post.


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