Sunday, December 30, 2007

Took some time I am back in the saddle!

Season Greetings and Hppy Holidays from the Mitchell household! We hope that everyone had a great holiday, stayed safe and healthy, and made some wonderful memories!

Sorry that i have not blogged for such a long time. I needed to take some time off. Time to spend with my kids, relax, chill out, and do nothing. It was quite nice. Here is what we have been up to.

Tracey and I were able to go to Jaxsons school and spend the day with him at his Christmas party. We make ornaments, decoracted cookies, and sang songs. Santa even came for a visit. Jaxson was so excited to have us both there. It was very fun. Take a look....

The boys are at the PERFECT age to enjoy the holidays. They loved every detail of Christmas this year. They loved decorating the tree and setting out all of the holiday decorations.

The boys even got creative and made their own tags for the gifts! So cute!

We had our family christmas party at our house. This is the third year we have had it. I really enjoy getting together with my aunts, uncles, and cousins (about 40 or so) and spending time together. Santa ususally stops in and drops off a treat for all the kids. He didnt disappoint this year.

When the boys got up on Christmas Eve morning, Santa had left them a game tree. It was a little tree loaded with little games that they could play. There was puzzles,dice, rubix cubes, dominos, and hand held games. Santa also left them some pajamas and a letter. They were so excited about the tree. They played all day with them.

We spend the Christmas Eve with Tracey's family. They came over for pizza and we opend presents. It was nice. Really laid back and fun.
I though Dalton was going to spontaneously combust before Christmas got here. We was up twice in the night becuase he couldnt sleep. Finally he dozed off and didnt wake til 0800. Leggos were the big hit of the holiday. My kids love them!!

With all of the swow that has fallen, we have done a lot of sledding. The boys squeal with excitement as Tracey takes them over jumps in the backyard.

We spend this weekend, cleaning up after the holidays. Got most of the decorations put aways, except for the tree, and some dusting done. I get the urge to clean after the holidays, you know, organizing things so that all the new stuff will have a place.

Took a break from scrapbooking for a few weeks. It was nice to have all my assignments done and not have deadlines to meet. I also put my book on the back burner for a while. It is still going to be on QVC, but i have pushed that back to this summer. There are so many little details to take care of to get onto the show, classes to take, and meetings to go to in Pennsylvania, that I just couldn't fit everything in before february, which was my origional air date. It has been nice not to have the stress of all those decisions to deal with over the holidays. I will be back in full swing after the first of the year to get the book deal done.

I also found out that i have asthma. I have been fighting a cough for the last 4 months and i think this has been the problem. Had a few rough days getting my breathing under control, but i think that thinks are calming down now. The cold and wind doesnt help, but I am leaning to deal with it. Hopefully it will clear up and not give me much hassle (cross my fingers).

Whew...there is our holiday recap. Ready for the new year. Teaching some classes at the ETM store, and putting a few kits together. i will post some pictures when i get them done.

Have a great new year!!


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Lori Jolley said...

Glad to hear from you again! What a fun Christmas! Your boys are so cute!