Saturday, November 17, 2007

Where do I begin...

Where do I begin?! I have not blogged in 10 days and I pretty much don't have much to say. Here's why..Another trip to the ER last Monday night with the same old stuff...sore throat, aches, headache. All tests came back normal. Sent to a specialist everyday of the week for workup. Finally sent back to the ER for IV antibiotics. Seems that I have a severe strain of Strep. Since I have had my IV antibiotics, I am feeling better. Most of the aches are gone, but the crater sized kancer (sp?) in my throat is still giving me fits. Just glad they figured everything out. Pretty much been in bed or on the couch. Cannot wait to feel better. This crap has been going on for about 2 months.

Hope to be well by Thanksgiving. Going to give thanks to the little things in life, you know, swallowing without feeling like you are grinding sandpaper down your throat, you know, those little things.

Okay, on to one bright spot happening. We had Jaxson's 5th birthday party last Saturday. I cannot believe how much joy he brings into our life. Here are a few fun facts about Jax and a look for a little slide show of his birthday.

*Favorite color is blue.

*Loves his brother!

*Eats his cereal dry with no milk.

*Has a great memory, can sing/recite/remember anything to do with Pokemon, Tansformers, or Star Wars.

*Very tender-hearted.

*Loves to sneak in bed with mom and dad.

*Loves to play in the dirt

*Loves to dance.

*Loves snakes,sharks, and other reptiles.

*LOVES to go to school.

*Hates going through the car wash.

*Loves to wear snowboots all year long.

*Loved TONS by his family!!!


I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving!! Count your blessings and hug you kids. Family is so important! We can never take one minute for granted.

Here's to the Holiday Season!!


P.S. Penny, if you read this, send me your email address and your family's blog. It didn't come through last time.

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