Sunday, September 16, 2007


Okay, I have been a totally pathetic blogger. I have not posted for nearly a month. Slacker! I am so going to try to do better. Here is a long post to get caught up on the last month......


Went to Lava Hot Springs for our family reunion. We go every year. It is fun to swim in the pools and soak in the hot tubs. We also float down the canal on rafts. That is a blast!

The weather was perfect. Just warm enough. We always have such yummy food. Everything is homemade and most is cooked in dutch ovens. Delicious!! Here are a few pictures.

Here are Dalton and Jaxson in their summer outfits to go to the reunion!

Here we are in the pool. I LOVE the blue color of the water!

Here is Jaxson and Uncle Darren. Aren't they so cute!


Dalton started school on August 22. He is in 2nd grade. We have a tradition of taking our family photo in the front yard every year. Here is our photo this year......

Dalton held my hand ( or maybe I held his?!?!) all of the way to the bus stop.

I always have such a sad little spot in my heart when he leaves. He is getting so independent and grown up!

Jaxson missed him so much on that first day that he wanted to make a "welcome home" sign for his brother. Here he is waiting in the driveway for Dalton to come home.

I am so blessed that my boys are so close. They are such good friends. They usually get into trouble for getting along to well (teasing each other, making each other laugh, being goofy) and being loud or causing mischief. I love to see them play together.

Jaxson started preschool. He still loves to go! Haven't had a chance to get any pictures of him there. Will try to this week.

We went to the fair Friday night. The boys loved it! Tracey and I go to eat! We always have to have a foot-long corn dog, a greasy burger, scone nuggets and a tiger ear. (For starters!) The boys were so excited about the reptile exhibit. (Did you know that our boys love reptiles? :)

Any ways, they had this huge tent filled with snakes, turtles, and other reptiles. The boys were in heaven!! They had an area where you could have your picture taken with a real snake or a crocodile. Being the mean mom that I am, I said NO! So we didn't have the pictures taken.

Okay, you all know that I am such a pushover. We had our photo taken with BOTH animals.

Take a look.............

After that, we went to the rides and Dalton went crazy. I think he went through the fun house at least 10 times. Dalton loved to try all of the rides. Jaxson is more like me, he is not a big ride fan, but there were a few that he rode on.
We went to the quilting booth. Mom entered a beautiful quilt and she won a blue ribbon and a "Best of Class" blue ribbon for her pillow that he made. We had to go see them displayed. Way to go mom!!

Didn't have time to see the livestock this year. Maybe next year!

Dalton has been going with Tracey hunting for ducks and doves. Dalton has started showing interest in learning to hunt. Trace and I got him a Red Rider BB gun. Tracey and I are so totally strict with him learning safety and understanding the importance of gun handling. Dalton has done really well. He is super careful. Right now he is practicing on pop cans and paper targets.

That kid is a pretty good shot. He cant wait to go hunting with his dad.


Sales of my book are going well. I had to send additional orders to 2 LSS! YEAH! I have been slowly selling books on my own as well. Contact me if you would like to purchase one.
Plans for QVC are still going well. They are going over the book to make sure that everything is in order. Once they approve the book, they will issue a purchase order. Air date is January 2008.

I keep getting asked if I am going to do another book. It's a thought. What would YOU like in a book? Do you like sketches? Do you want a theme based book? Send me some ideas!!


I am teaching an adorable Halloween Mini Book from Making Memories. It is filled with tabs, ribbon, stickers, pockets, and is a great way to showcase the pictures of your little spooks.

Here is a peak...............

The only thing missing is the TON of ribbon that I put along the spine. Let me tell you- it is packed with ribbon!! This is only 4 of the 8 pages. Can't give it all away!!

Date: October 4, 2007

Time: 6:30

Cost: $20

Hope to see you there! Sign up today. Space is limited to 15 students.

Whew~ That was a quick month. Hope to be better about blogging more often.

Coming up~
Christmas card class at ETM store October 13th. Stay tuned.
Going to a Heart Conference for work October 17th.
Get your photos scrapbooked and on display at the ETM store. More later~
More details on QVC.
That's all for now~


Karri said...

I'm so glad you wrote! I check your blog almost every day to see if you've posted. You've had a busy month. I am interested in the Halloween book and I will see if Lesa is also. So save two spaces for us. You're boys are getting so big. I can't beleive Dalton is shooting a RR BB gun. (careful not to shoot his eye out:)) Brad can't wait til Zack is old enough to take hunting. You have a cute family and you all look so happy!

Lori Jolley said...

I've misssed you! I check back alot! You have such a cute family! I love the back to school photo!