Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lots of FIRSTS for us

This week at our house was filled with lots of FIRSTS........
  • Dalton taught Jaxson how to ride his bike with no training wheels for the FIRST time! This was so exciting! I don't know what was cuter- Jaxson on that pink little bike weaving down the driveway, or how Dalton was so helpful with his brother??!! Here is a little recap of the event. We are very proud of Jaxson for riding his bike (he has been hesitant to ride since he fell off it last summer and broke his arm), he is really cruising now!!

  • Sneaky (the snake) ate his FIRST mouse. Whew...I had run out of ideas on what or how to feed him. I am glad that he did it on his own! (I know you are saddened that I didn't include a photo :) )

  • My neice Caylie was baptised today. She is the FIRST of the grandchildren to be baptized. It was a nice program. Here are a few pics.....

  • I am closing in on the release of my FIRST publication! It printed on Friday and Saturday, and if all goes well, it will go to Salt Lake Sunday night for tabs and binding. I am so excited! I am now focusing my thoughts on my table for the conference. I will be sellling the books there. I am fixing up my displays and stuff. It should be really cute. I have a FREEBIE for anyone who visits the booth and purchases a book. (I love free stuff!)

Better run...lots to do before expo! Have a great day!


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