Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our last 4 months-recapped!

Okay~Just call me the worst blogger ever! 4 months since my last post! I will do my best to recap what all we have been doing, starting with the most recent......
  • We took the boys up to Bear World on Saturday and had their picture taken with the 8 week old bear cubs. They were so cute!! We were able to hold them for a little bit. They were about 1 foot long. Their claws were about one inch long already. Need to scan those photos into the computer and i will post them later.
  • The boys were all about having their pictures taken outside of Bear World. Here they are...

  • Been doing a lot of this........

  • I am trying to be more consistent with exercise. Here's why. There is this gal, Kelly Perkins, who had a heart transplant 13 years ago. She was an avid climber before her surgery, and as part of her rehabilitation, she continues to climb mountains. She has hiked Mount Hood, Kilimanjaro, El Capitan, and Whitney. She is coming to Idaho Falls in August to give a motivational seminar about heart health and organ donation. She is also going to climb The Grand Teton. (She will be the first heart transplant recipient to climb the Grand) 4 of my nurse coworkers and I in Cardiac Rehab are going to hike with her! This will be such a great experience. We are all excited about the challenge.

  • It is finally starting to look like spring! The boys begged us to get out their bikes and roller blades. We spent one Saturday over to the church riding around and having a picnic. The boys have also got out their football and been tossing that around with Dad.

  • Tracey has been working hard on finishing my scrapbook room. Take a look...

  • He finished the window casing, and framed in this shelf that runs the length of the room. It looks so great! I love having a place to display all of my favorite things.

  • We also rearranged the room a little. Bought some more storage cubes from Roberts and Tracey made a built-in corner desk. I just love it!! Everything is so tidy and organized!

Here is my ribbon corner. ( I love that everything has a place and can still look cute!!)

  • Overall, we have all been pretty healthy this winter/spring. Jaxson did have trouble with his asthma and got pneumonia. He spent one day in the hospital and then recovered the rest of the way at home. He really bounces back quickly.

  • Took a drive to Shelly and Blackfoot to see the condition of the boat docks. Talked the boys into a family picture. It turned out adorable!
  • Todd, Emily, and the kids came to Idaho for a visit in January. We celebrated all the recent birthdays and Christmas while they were here. Grandma Marti rented a hotel room and we stayed the night there. The kids loved the pool and had a great time "on vacation". We took family pictures while they were here. Here are a few........

  • Found a new past time....BEADING! I went to a watch party by Hoppers. (See Karri Nelson's blog for photos of watches). I am addicted. I love those big chunky watches. Then, the next day, Mom, a friend Kim, and I took a watch making class at Roberts. It was a blast!! I now have watches in Purple, burgundy, green, brown and white. I love how you can clip off the band and change watch faces. I will post some of my creations.
  • Scoped out the local climbing gym to help with my climb of the Grand. Took Dalton with me. Here he is climbing a few walls. He did great with the heights.

  • Starting to plan Girls Camp for this July. Going to Bear Lake. So many fun, outdoor activities planned (water skiing, repelling, skeet shooting, horseback riding, and caving)
  • The boys are going awesome in school. Jaxson is reading well and getting "big fat A+'s" on all his homework. Dalton is reaching his reading goals and doing tons of fun science experiments.

  • Dalton is busy with scouts. He loves all of the activities they get to do. Last week they went to the Vet clinic. He just received badges for fishing, swimming, and soccer.

  • Whew~that was a very quick ride! Look for updates coming soon about Dalton starting soccer and Jaxson loosing his two front teeth!



Lori Jolley said...

Wow! Your boys are getting so big! Your family does the funnest things! How cool that you are going to climb the Teton! And I love you scrap room - that shelf especially!

Penny said...

Yea, you are back blogging, I don't get to see you EVER so the only way I keep up with you is through your blog.
I am excited you will be up in my neck of the woods for girls camp, although you probably won't have time to meet, but if you do, give me a call.
How Fun!!
By the way, we bought another trailer, and are anxious to go camping, it would be fun to meet up with you guys sometime this summer at Palisades, let's plan something!

Amanda Gibson said...

Wow - I can't believe how big Dalton has gotten! What cuties those two boys are. Sounds like you guys have been super busy with lots of fun stuff!

Kim Rose said...

Finally! Good to see you back! Miss seeing those boys! You need to bring them up to say hi!
Great pics! Love the new craft room changes.

Mary Duncan said...

Yay!!!! You posted, sister!!! Love your pictures, love your scrapbook room (especially the ribbon corner....), love your boys! Love you!!!

Pickett Fences said...

Hey welcome back to blogging. It looks like you guys have had a lot of fun. I hope you are enjoying you new make-up.