Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Fun at the Mitchell House.....

Wow, summer is off to a running start. Lots of heat and lots of fun activities going on. Here is a short rundown of what we have been up to the last few weeks~
Spent one afternoon at the river feeding the ducks. The boys had a great time. They were sitting there on the bank and Dalton says, "Mom, isn't it beautiful here. The water is so pretty." Then Jax chimes in, "It means God loves us!" (Grandma Marti tells him that) I thought, yes, it is a beautiful place. Children are so insightful!

We took the boys up to Mud Lake for the weekend. It is such a great place to camp for us because it is close, it has bathrooms, and the water is great for the boat and the jetski. The boys LOVE to play in the water at the dock. Jax had a blast in the water because this was the first time he was able to swim since he broke his arm last summer. Darren and my mom went with us. Saw a few deer and played for hours on the water. Very fun! Here is some of the fun the boys had with Darren and splashing with Mom.

Back at home, getting ready for be and Dalton says, "Mom, Dad, come up to my room. See if you can find Jax. He is hiding." Tracey and I looked around in all of the obvious hiding spots and no Jax. Then, all of a sudden, Jax pops out of his hiding spot. Here is sort of a play-by-play shot.

Yes, that little turkey tucked himself into that tine little cupboard. He thought he was pretty funny.

Okay, book news. It is going pretty well. I have sold about 180 books. I am working on getting a pay pal account to sell them on this blog, but i am still working out the details. I do have some at my home, so call me if you would like to buy it directly from me. (521-1287)

I have been working on getting it in stores. It is at both Scrappin Essentials, and Scrap N Fanatics in Pocatello, and at Porters in Rexburg. I recently put it in Porters here in Idaho Falls. Here is a photo of the book and the display.

You can also purchase the book at the NEW Express the Moment Scrapbook Store (formerly The Scrap Coop). Oh, you want to see a photo of that display too??!! (Bear with me people, I am just freakin out with excitement that my books are on the shelves!!!!!)Here you go!

Notice how close my book is to Lisa Bearnson!!! I love how Kim has a signed copy at the register.

Speaking of the store, I am one of the designers. I am so pumped up to do displays and classes again. Stop by the store if you haven't because Kim has done an AWESOME job reopening it. She moved things around and the place looks huge. She has added so many cute details in the store!! You should see the new, cool product that she is ordering in! It is such a cheery, friendly, inspirational place to be. Check it out! Here is one layout that I did for the store as a display.

The 4th of July was fun. Took the boys to the parade. They got tons of candy and loved all of the floats. Take a look~

Here are the boys posing for the camera. (Yes, I LOVE to dress my boys alike!) Look how handsome they are!

The rest of the 4th was spent at The Seelys house running through the sprinkler and jumping on the trampoline. We had a yummy BBQ!

The night ended with tons of fireworks, but not before I caught a picture of this gorgeous sunset!

An ending to a perfect day!

Hope you are keeping cool this summer!


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Lori Jolley said...

I've seen your book several places now! So awesome! Love the photo of your two boys dressed the same. They are cuties!